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About us

Factory was privatized in 2003. Since then, brick plant managers are constantly improving products quality while keep increasing energy savings. Automatic control is implemented, as well as computerized linking of all production steps.

Brick plant complex stretches at 25 ha, including field exploitation areas and indoor clay depot. Factory employs over 80 workers.
The development of the brick plant from a small unit to its modern looks has been accomplished through several stages. Serious development and substantial investments in plant modernization began in ’80. Since than, up to date, investments were continuous, which placed “Neimar” among the leading manufacturers of the construction materials in Serbia.

Manufacturing program is based on the production of hollow building blocks with horizontal and vertical holes and elements for interfloor construction. Yearly brick plant’s capacity of building blocks increased for 40 % comparing to the period before the reconstruction of the plant, and today amounts 16 000 000 pieces. All the strategy is aimed to the increasing of the overall production level and the products quality.

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